Womens Lacrosse Draw Detonator Practice Device

Most common Question and Answers about the Draw Detonator:

What are the differences between the 3 different models?

  1. The Pro Model: 6 DRAW MACHINE 23456 006 
    This is the heavy-duty model and is the most realistic model for doing a draw in the Women’s game. The Pro is a great way to practice the draw for all levels, colleges in particular. There is a metal base (weighing approximately 100lbs), allowing women to practice without worrying about the model tipping over or shifting positions. The other major feature of this model is the ability to adjust the angle and height of the stick of the opponent; this will allow for practice against a variety of different draw techniques. 
    Price: $650 

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    1. The Intermediate Model: 
      4 DRAW MACHINE 23456 004This is a lightweight aluminum model that is a great model for those teams that want to carry the draw detonator on and off the field to practice with. The player must stabilize the model by placing one foot on the base of the draw detonator for stabilization. This model also does not have the adjustable angle feature, but is easier for players to practice the traditional draw styles daily. This has the adjustable height feature as well. This is ideal for younger players and high school lacrosse. 
      Price $499 

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  1. The Clamp-on Model: 
    This is a portable draw machine that can clamp onto a fence, goal post, or anything with a post of the proper dimensions. This model was developed as a model that can be left in the locker room and carried by players to the field and practice 100s of repetitions without an opponent needed. The only limitation to this model is that if the player draws the ball towards the fence or goal, they will have a difficult time maneuvering themselves to attack the draw. This is great for all levels and brings the best of both stand up models by being able to be carried easily and also has the adjustable stick angle and height feature from the Pro model. 
    Price: $250 

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Can you adjust the tension of the opponents stick?

The draw detonator is spring activated and gives the player back more pressure as the player puts more pressure on the machine. If a player wants more pressure they simply need to adjust their own pressure by pushing their stick forward into the opponents stick and adjust their feet accordingly.

What can I do with the Clamp-on Model during practice when it is not in use?

You could simply loosen the bolts and turn the model towards the end line or rest it against the net to get it out of the goalie and defenders way. You could also remove the model if that is easier for your team.

How can I use this to improve my skills and the draw skills of my team?

This design was developed with Gary Gait, the Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach, and can be used to improve the accuracy of players taking the draw and their wrist strength and quickness. One method of using this is to place bins various places around the field and attempting to place the ball in those bins repeatedly. This allows for drawers to gain the ability to place the draw accurately against different pressures and stick positions (mimicked by the draw machine settings). This is a valuable skill for a team and player to have because (possession is everything) in lacrosse, and the better your team is at the draw the more you will have the ball. As with anything in the game of lacrosse, the more repetitions a player gets the better they will become at the skill; this is a great way to get as many repetitions as possible daily. 

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